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USQ Career Mentoring Program

Mentoring a student will provide you with the opportunity to develop your leadership and management skills as well as reflect on your career journey. Make a different in a student's life by helping them learn and grow within your industry. 

As a mentor you will have the opportunity to:

  • meet prospective employees
  • reflect on your own career journey
  • enhance your self-esteem
  • build larger networks
  • reflect and share your experiences
  • participate in a student's development
  • develop leadership and management skills
  • expand on your interpersonal skills
  • gain recognition as a mentor
  • understand social and academic trends.

Mentors aren't required to assist the student in completing their studies, or guarantee the future employment or work experience.

2017 Mentoring Programs 

Semester 1: Registrations open 20 March - 7 April 

Flash Mentoring for Law

Program begins: 12 April (6 weeks)

This program takes on a new method of mentoring this year, with a One-Time (Flash) Mentoring Program being utilised. This One-Time Mentoring Program allows mentees to schedule meetings with a law professional on a one-off basis to discuss a specific topic. 

The program is designed to give students the opportunity to connect with various mentors over a six week period to quickly find the information they need to complete a specific task or goal and also to gain insight into the legal profession.

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Industry Mentoring Program

Program begins: 12 April (6 weeks)

The Industry Mentoring Program is available to all current USQ students. The aim is to enable students to gain industry knowledge and understanding and develop professional networks from a range of industries. This will then assist them to identify employability skills and support their transition from university to employment.

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Semester 2: Registrations open 20 March - 26 July

ICT & Engineering Mentoring Program

Program begins: 1 August (8 weeks)

The ICT & Engineering Mentoring Program is designed specifically to assist students studying in these fields to build connections, and develop their understanding of their chosen industry. Mentors will provide insights in to expectations within the industry and how to be successful in the ICT and/or Engineering industry.

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Business, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program

Program begins: 8 August (8 weeks)

This program is designed for business students who are wanting to build their own start up, small business or run a company. Mentors within this program will provide guidance to students within these areas to discover the skills for their future world of work.

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How does the program work?

The program will run via an online mentoring platform called Chronus. Once you enter the platform you will be asked to create your profile. The information you provide in your profile is then used in a matching algorithm against the students’ profiles. Students are then provided with a ‘matching percentage’ to identify the most suited mentor, and from here students are able to send a mentoring request to their preferred mentor.

As this is an online mentoring platform, you can expect to connect with your mentee over phone, by email, skype and if location allows in person.

How to register?

To register your interest for any of these programs please follow this link: https://usqmentoring.chronus.com/pages/programs and sign up as a mentor.

If you participated in any of the 2016 USQ Mentoring Programs, you will still be able to log in with your details from the previous year. If you do not remember you password please select the ‘Forgot Password?’ link from the login page.

Training opportunities 

For those mentors who wish to receive training on the mentoring platform or on how to have career conversations with your mentee, these opportunities will be offered before the start of each mentoring program.

Contact us

If you would like to know more, please contact Student Services on 07 4631 2372 or at Mentoring@usq.edu.au.